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How To Add Emergency Information To Your Moblie Phones Lock Screen

Hello everyone, in this article I would show you how to add emergency information to your phone's lock screen.

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This very technology trick could save your life. Here's how to make sure you and your family have emergency medical information and contact numbers readily available.

What would happen if you needed immediate care, but couldn't communicate with first responders, for example, as a result of being oblivious? People with serious known conditions, including those prone to convulsions or that have an implanted device, might put on a bracelet or necklace explaining their medical situation. For everyone else, how will emergency teams find out your blood type, allergies, or whom to call? One of the easiest solutions is to put this information on your phone and make it accessible from the lock screen.

How to Add Emergency Information to an Android Phone

Most Android devices have an emergency contact info you can enter into the phone's settings. Where it is will depend on which phone and version of Android you have. In all similarities, it will be something like this;

1. Firstly Go to settings: Users and Accounts (or Users) then click Emergency Information. If you can't find it, there's a chance it's below My Info, if your phone has that option.

2. After clicking on Emergency, Select Edit or Edit Information.

3. Hopefully, you see a lots of fields for your emergency medical information, such as name, blood type, medications, allergies, and so on. Fill out this section as thoroughly and accurately as you can. For medications and allergies, if you have none, it's better to write "None" or "None known" than leave them empty. That way, medical professionals will know you did not simply overlook these fields.

4. After that, check for a place where you can select or add your emergency contacts. It might be below all the fields; it might be in a second tab; or it might be in your contacts app. Whatsoever the case, someone must be in your contacts app (i.e saved contact on your phone) before you can assign them as an emergency contact. Make sure their information is updated in your phone.

5. Android devices allows you to easily add any message to your lock screen, which is really a good place to put very important medical records, in case people don't know where to retrieve your full medical data. To add a line to your lock screen, look in your settings for something called Screen Lock or Lock Screen Message. There you can add custom text that will be visible on your lock screen.

How to Use Emergency Info on an Android Device

If there's someone in need with an Android phone (smartphone), here's how you would pull up their medical information and emergency contacts. Similarly to an iOS device, locating the information in an Android device is quite easy if you follow these wonderful easy steps:

1. From the mobile lock screen, swipe up.

2. Select Emergency (at times you double tap the emergency button for it to open), followed by Emergency Information.

As long as the phone has emergency information available and the person has entered it which I have explained above, you should be able to dial their emergency contacts even with the phone locked.

You can also dial the local emergency number when you swipe up and select Emergency.

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