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10 New probable questions N-power applicants should expect in the screening tests

All successful N-power applicants will go through screening in which questions will be ask to ascertain their level of qualification and their state of preparation for the tasks ahead.

In previous years, most questions have come from current affairs both local and international. In other to succeed in the screening and get the nod to join the N-power program, all applicants should be able to answer these new possible additions to the pool of N-power screening test questions.

As is to be expected, previous general questions were based on the events of that time. The pattern will continue with the up coming screening test.

The most pressing topic currently both nationally and internationally is the COVID-19 pandemic.

So to prepare for these new questions that will likely be asked by N-power, here is a compilation of ten questions you should try to answer before the test comes around.

1. What is the biggest health challenge the world is facing right now?

2. Which year did coronavirus start?

3. Which country is known to be the place of origin of the coronavirus?

4. What is the name of the drug that cures coronavirus?

5. What is the full meaning of COVID-19

6. What is the full meaning of NCDC?

7. Which government establishment is responsible for coordinating the fight against COVID-19?

8. Which government agency is N-power under?

9. Why did the World Health Organization declare COVID-19 a pandemic?

10. Can the coronavirus spread through 5G network?

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