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Goodbye To Micro And Nano Sim, Checkout The New Type Of SIM Card Introduced

The new innovation to the sim card technology (subscriber identity modules) is the introduction of e-SIM (embedded sim). The e-SIM is designed for comfort, flexibility and unprecedented freedom. With the introduction of e-SIM you do not need to physically insert a sim card into your phone or any of your devices because the sim card is already built into your phone or device and it is also wearable.

All you have to do is activate the e-SIM with your account profile and you are able to enjoy all the services you normally enjoy with your physical sim card.

Advantages of e-SIM

1. The e-SIM permits you to have more than one phone number connected to your device.

2. You no longer have to worry about losing your sim because the sim is built into your device.

3. You no longer have to cut your sim card or look for adapter

4. It is convenient for frequent travelers because it makes it easier for them to switch between different network operators

How to activate an e-SIM

For now the e-SIM will run on trial for a year and is limited only to subscribers that have compatible devices.

you will have to visit your network operator to check if your device is compatible and for them to help you set it up.

List of compatible devices

Google pixel 3, 3 xl and Google pixel 4, 4 xl

Apple iPhone 11, 11 pro, pro max, iPhone xs, xs max, XR

Samsung S20 series.

What do you think about this new technology?

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