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Did you know you can still recover your files from your broken Memory card? Here is the simple risk

A lot of us have been in a situation or might like be in a situation where our SDcard get damaged accidentally or just stop working.

Strangely enough this SDcard spoil without warning and is always painful special when we have a lot of data files on it. Well in this article, i will be helping you to reduce that pain by showing this steps on how you can recover you files from your memory card even if it damaged already, but before then tell here is a look at some of the reasons why your memory card can just stop working. The main reason why most SD card can get damaged is as a result of from force and bad usage, the other reason are a result of the users bending and cracking the SD card which can damage the drive, applying to much force when inserting the micro SD into a phone, heat and water can also causes damage failure of the memory card. So with that been said here is how you can recover your files

Material needed

1) Dead AAA battery

2) (transparent) tape

3) USB card reader

4) PC

Here are the steps

Open the protector of the dead AAA battery and remove the content inside, you will see a jelly liquid inside or (Alkaline) as the science name goes. Use plastic or a small wooden stick to take the gel and apply it to the edges of the broken SD card. Put the broken parts back and twist it together, then apply a little bit of masking tape at the front and back of the SD card. Note: Don't apply too much tape

It could prevent the SDcard from slotting in to the reader. Place the SDcard into the card reader and slot it into your laptop, wait for a few seconds for your laptop to detect your card

:Note you could have about 1min before the Alkaline liquid that joins the broke card fade off. So sure you don't waste time copying your files.

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Content created and supplied by: Jamesplug (via Opera News )

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