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Easy Steps on how to make Cool Cartoon photos of yourself

Hello everyone. So I have been short of articles to post lately and today I said to myself...hey why don't I just share some of my knowledge on the platform. So today i would be taken you through a few steps on how to make cool Cartoon Effects and Images of yourself. Maybe afterwards you can have some cool pictures to post on your social media handle.

STEP 1 & 2; Go To Google play store and search for and download an app named Pics Art👇. After downloading, click on the purple plus sing on the bottom to start editing.

STEP 3 & 4 ; After you must have clicked the plus icon, scroll down to "color background" and pick any background (preferably white).A page would pop up like the one here👇. Click on "Add photo" to add any cool photo of yourself.

STEP 4 &5

After you must have selected your photo, click on the check icon ☑️ to save your photo and continue editing. Please do this after every step.

STEP 5 & 6;

After you must have saved it, a bunch of editing features would appear bellow your photo. Click on fxEffects as indicated below👇

STEP 6 & 7

After that, another section would pop up . Select the Artistic Feature and select oil paint.


STEP 7 & 8

After selecting it, reduce the number of Amount to your preferred choice(as you can see I choose to different numbers for two different photos). Then click on the check mark to save and continue editing.

STEP 9 & 10

After that, click on the sketch Feature then Choose the first one.


Step 11 & 12

This part is kinda tricky. Use the Horizontal and Vertical line to position the Sketch on the person in the image. Then change the colour from white to black by tapping the black colour as indicated below 👇 and click ☑️ to save your photo

Step 13

After that, you should be left with something like these. Click on the fx Effect option again.

Step 14

Now just play around and Choose any cool effect you think fits your photo. Click the check mark☑️ if you're done.

Step 15

Now click that white arrow on the right hand of the page to save the photo to your Device.

And that's how to create a cool Cartoon photos of yourself.

Please 🙏Like, Share or Comment if you have any questions or suggestions. And thanks for reading 👍

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Google Pics Art.


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