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How to make money on the internet especially if you are a teenager with lots of free time.

If You are a type of person that spend a lot of time on the internet. well this is an opportunity for you to make money instead of just wasting your time doing unnecessary things online.

To make money with this strategy I am about to show you all you need to do is to create what is called a POD -print on demand account. As we all know people wear lots of T-shirt everyday which means people buy lots of T-shirt everyday which also means that lots of T-shirt are being produced every day. So if you wanna make make money off T-shirt without having to produce one,i am going to show the strategies now.

First you have to go onto websites like Cafe press, Red bubble or Tee spring. You can make money through this websites because they pay you to create designs which they put on T-shirt and sell. To use this websites all you need to do is create an absolutely free account and then you create your own designs that can be putted on T-shirt, post it and they do all the work. To create a very good design you go for things that are trending, it could be about politics election or just think of something people would love to wear and if you think you don't know anything about design making you can just go on websites like amazon or Search for T-shirt designs on Google then put everything together to make your own T-shirt designs.

To the most interesting part, the part were you earn. After posting your design the website will put it on their shirts and any time a T-shirt with your design is bought you will get a commission from the website . So try this method instead of wasting your time doing unnecessary things online

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