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Sit down, check up and cry out for help. When you notice these things in your life as a Christian.

In life, nobody or nothing will help you until you start helping yourself. Here are the things you should check out.

1. Beware when you spend more time on on facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc than focusing more on your life

2. Beware when prayer becomes a difficult thing for you.

3. Beware when you crave for earthly things too much.

4. Beware when sinful living becomes a lifestyle in the name of grace.

5. Beware when waking up to pray at night becomes a thing of the past

6. Beware when you start spending more than your budget for things that will not add value to you

7. Beware when you eat more than you pray

8. Beware when you start diluting the preaching word of God to keep people around you.

9. Beware when you no longer read the word of God.

10. Beware when fasting is becoming a history in your spiritual life

11. Beware when you no longer share the word with others.

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