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Never search these things on the internet

In this article, I will be enlightening you on the things that you should never search on the internet.

Day by day, the internet is improving and is trying to know more about its customers/users and at the other side is the hackers which are trying to know more about someone by hacking into the person's platform or base on the internet (Gmail etc). In order to protect your accounts, never search for these things on the internet.

1. Your name

2. Your age

3. Your best food

4. Your fathers name

5. Your brother's name

6. Your likes and dislikes

7. Your period time.

8. Your sister name

9. Your street name

10. Your hobby etc.

In short, never search for any of your personal information on the internet. If you do, then you are exposing yourself to a great high risk. And when your account is hacked, hackers would be able to see all those information and then track you down.

#Stay safe

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