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2 Reasons Why You Should Not Go To Bed With Your Phone At Night

Source: Very well Health

Technology is the order of the day in almost all parts of the world. Most people have fun and also make money simply by using their phones while some keep up with their education using their phones, laptops and computers. So technology has come to stay but like every other thing, it also has its own disadvantages when it comes to the health.

So, in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the reasons why you should never go to bed with your phone at night. I know it's almost unavoidable not to go to bed one day with your phone but endeavour to prevent it as much as you can. In this article as already stated, we are going to have a look at some of the reasons why you should avoid doing so.

1. It Can Keep You Up Late At Night; this is one reason why you should never go to bed with your phone. Nothing keeps people especially teens awake more than always pressing or operating their phones and this is not good considering the fact that it negatively affects productivity in people the next day. Make sure you keep your phone away immediately you are about to sleep to avoid being made to sleep very late thus making you feel useless and totally weak the next day.

2. The Blue Lights Or Rays From Your Phone Can Negatively Affect The Eyes; have you ever heard of computer vision syndrome? Excess staring at phone screens can negatively affect your eyes, even to the extent that it can actually cause eye strain that might in the long run weaken your eyes and make you develop nearsightedness. Especially when you always stay up late at night in poorly lighted environment operating your phone; the more you do this, the more you harm your eyes and thus increasing your chances of having more serious eye issues in the future. So make sure you put away your phone once it's time to sleep.

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