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How to uninstall any unwanted program in your pc

This is a beginner's tutorial to teach those people that are still starting out with their pc on how to know and perform some basic things with their pc and not be too dependent on others for something so simple to do.

Sometimes we might have a program in our pc that we want to remove. The best approach to that is to uninstall the program rather than the normal delete some people like the beginners do. Some people might want to remove a program from their pc and they may end up deleting the program icon into the recycle bin and then they would think that they have successfully removed the program.

So that is why I have provided the video below which shows a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on how to uninstall any program you want to remove from your pc. It is very easy to do, just watch and learn how it is being done.

It is advisable that most time we should try to remove some program app that we might not be needing or no longer using again in our system. This is because overwhelming our pc with lots of programs can reduce the performance of our system and cause it to lag or slow down.

watch the video tutorial here

video source- youtube

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