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How to create animation video for free with your phone and generate income.

Before now, my thought about creating animated videos was always cut short when ever I think about the supposed rigorous process, but unknowning to me:it does not really require much.

After much research and brain storming, I stumbled on an app which people have capitalized on in generating animations and making money from it.

I once paid 3000 naira to get a simple animation done by a friend, who even said, the fee charged was a complimentary fee. And promised to teach me how to create the video on my own only if I pay him 10k.

Just imagine, after paying 3k and now 10k, summing it up will be 13k. however I didn't signup with him, but I was able to discover the secret app which I am about to share with you.

All you need to create animation video is this app, with enough memory space on your phone and Internet data. As there are some designs you will need to download to aid your work.

The app needed for this process is called plotagon.

Plotagon can be found on playstore and its about 200mb.

The app is free, but to get more features, you might have to pay for it. On the app you will be able create any character of your choice and also create a storyline. It is made so simple that anyone without tech knowledge can start creating almost immediately.

You can create any scene, just like the cartoons you watch on TV.

The animation I mentioned earlier that I was charged 3k for, was actually used to promote a business idea. That was sponsored on Facebook.

So let's stop the imagination, and leverage on this information. You can earn nothing less than 3k if you perfect your skills on this app and become a freelancer. You charge for every animation you create and from that you make some income for yourself.

Try it out, you have nothing to lose.

If you need more information, ask in the comment section! Best of luck!

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