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Easy steps needed to make 3D animation with your smartphone. (Step by step guide with photos)

3D animation making has been a great strenuous thing before now since it requires the use of a desktop or PC combined with special skills, but as the world is progressing, it has become so easy that you can create a awesome 3D animation with your smartphone within 45 minutes or less. Today, I want to share with you the steps required to create a 3D cartoon with your smartphone. Without much further ado, let's get started.


A smartphone

Your browser(preferably Chrome)

A good data connection.

Visit your browser and search for Aptoide on Google and download it.

NB: Aptoide apk is just like play store where you can find other apps, so it cannot be found on play store.

After the complete download, install it and click on it. Search for Plotagon story, download and install it. Put off your data before installation.

How to use the app

 Firstly, let's create a character. The characters you are going to be using in your storyline

Click on create character

Select either male or female

Customize it to you satisfaction.You can change shirt, trousers, eyes, hair ..... Etc

Click on the character that you have created

You can change the name and even go back to edit it to fit your desire

After that, you can create your scene

You choose the scene that best suits your story. The ones with arrow head are free, other you subscribe to.

NB:When you choose a scene, you can't choose it again in the same storyline

 So thereafter, you create your story .

First is the dialogue. The talking section between your characters

So, click on ‘no actor' to create another character

Scroll down and click on any character of your choice

So click on that for dialogue

Click on that to choose who talks first

Here you choose the mode of character

Scroll down for the mode that suits your story and click on it.

Here you type what the character says.

Repeat the same process for the other character too.

You can add music

You can change the order of scene and also change position of the characters.

Click here to save your work

Do not leave the page when rendering because it will terminate your work. Also remember to put off your day while rendering.

That is all the basic knowledge you need to create a nice 3D animation.

Like and let your opinion be known in the comment section. Follow me for more tutoring articles.

Content created and supplied by: Captain_Eben (via Opera News )

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