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WhatsApp attack: three tips on how to protect your social platforms from hackers

We all known that recently social media platforms are under security attack by hackers where recently famous people's twitter accounts was attacked among them are former American president Obama and the owner of apple company. This was the serious devastating where by some one hacked your Facebook or twitter accounts and published a messages which was not from you.

For this reason we come with powerful security applications that will help people to secure their account especially WhatsApp from hackers. When we said hacking in social platforms it is the situation where by the information of your conversation and other information from your account to be stole by somebody.

People open claim that UPDATING WhatsApp software will help your account to be protected which is completely wrong, shutdown of the phone also is not solution but if you give focus on these three things it will help:


We all known that messages in WhatsApp is remained between sender and receiver this is the policy if WhatsApp but we are doing a great mistake by saving our conversation in applications like Google drive or icloud .all these applications are unprotected from hackers so if someone got a chance of entering into your drive or icloud app he may immediately got your conversation.


If your phone have this software which called (2FA) it will immensely help in your WhatsApp safety it is the most influential software for protection your all social platforms accounts from attackers.

Another way for protection your WhatsApp and other social platforms is by putting security, if you click for settings account>privacy to see how the system is especially in WhatsApp.

From there you will choose the people who will see you if you are online, your profile pictures and your location.

Content created and supplied by: Auwalhussaini (via Opera News )



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