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If You Have A Phone, here Are The 5 Legit Apps That Can Make You Earn $200 Easily.

There are a lot of apps that can earn you money it just that most people don't find time in making research but only to waste their valuable time on social media that cannot bring them revenue throughout the day. Below are the legit apps that can earn you money easily.

1. Shopkick app:

Shopkick app is one of the legit app that earn you money. Shopkick as helped a lot of people to also discover best products in the market and its gives all users rewards when you purchase some of their product,and also playing of surveys game.

People finds it comfortable and fun as well to get reward whenever they buy. This legit company was founded in 2009 till date. So you have to download the app,in other for you to earn enough cash. Most of their payment are in three categories,through PayPal,Bank Account,Amazon also.

2. Ebates:

Ebates also is one of the most legit and good app I encourage most people to use in Nigeria. Ebates has over ten million members,it was founded in 1999,and it works with top companies to make sure all its users get the best deals. With Ebates,you can get cash back up to 40%whenever you buy online. Their reward in cash is always in dollars,so you need to download this app for you to earn money,whenever you don't have enough cash with you. Their payment is also in two categories through PayPal,Bank Account.

3. Slide joy app:

Slide joy is also one of the best legit app you can earn money. You just need to share adverts into this app and whosoever clicks the adverts,you will be paid from their revenue shared,also you can refer a friend and earn $5 also you can play surveys game to keep you earning.

4.Surveys On The Go:

Surveys on the go,is also one of the best app you can make money. You can rate most of their TV shows,evaluate most of their products from their top retailers and give your valid opinions about them. They give a solid business practice and are verified to be a legit company,so you have to download and think very well to earn from them. Their payment is also based on Bank Account,PayPal,Amazon.

5. Octa fx Trading App:

You can also earn from this app you have to be very smart,and if you are serious and focus,you will earn a lot of money from it. Their payment is also made through, Bank Account.

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