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Opinion: Why Opera News Hub is the Best and trusted Platform to Read Articles

Have you ever been rejected for something? Or have you ever been rejected for being dishonest even when you know you are 100% honest?

How do you feel when your honest efforts is being condemned by people you are having a restless time for?

I doesn't feel good right?

The same way I felt yesterday evening that made me to write this article.

I was in a taxi yesterday evening when someone was calling some blogs that carries fake information and mentioned Opera News Hub; without knowing I'm one of their creators.

I was irritated by his language, and the normal me will just allow such person to dwell deep in his ignorance. But the thought of the quality time creators (including myself) spend in putting their knowledge together and researching on a topic just to deliver the best information made me to respond.

And I'm sure I was able to convince him after showing them my account, my articles that were rejected and the reasons for the rejection.

At least they were 90% convinced about information on Opera News platform. And I thought to do the same thing here since there are over 300 million users.

I don't know the number of people that will be able to read this article. But if you are able to read this, tell it to others.

Opera News Hub

Opera is the mother company that launches Opera News Hub, a new online media platform where content creators can reach over 350 million people with their articles. The new media platform helps authors and bloggers produce and distribute ORIGINAL CONTENT while getting discovered by new audiences (Readers).

Opera News Hub was initially launched in Lagos, Nigeria in October 2019, with over 20,000 creators in less than one year.

There are rules on how to publish an article on Opera News Hub. You are not at liberty to publish any article you like.

The system ensure and verifies that your news/articles:

✓ Are not fake news

✓Are plagiarism and clickbait free

✓ Doesn't contain pornographic images and words.

✓ The spelling and grammars are correct.

✓ No hate speech according to FGN rules. Etc.

Every news/ article you read on the platform has been examined/verified before it gets to you (the users). This is done both manually and with advanced softwares.

Opera News Hub is one of the most reliable platform you can ever get a quality information from.

With creators competing among themselves to win any of the numerous (and enticing) awards available for claim.

Of recent, the platform introduced a new strategy to encourage creator to be mindful of the information they pass to Readers on the platform. The credit score!

"COMMON" mistake as they call it, and your article will be rejected.

Publish no quality articles and be ready to lose your account.

This is not to punish writers, but to ensure that the over 300 million users of the platform get the best quality information.

I call it, users in mind.

Don't call it fake news, don't call fake information. A quality work has been done to put them together just for you.

Below is the additional new rules Opere News Hub sent to their creator this morning. I just copied and paste it for you to understand the creators are not at liberty to publish any article they like:

"1.OPINION articles. OPINION must be added to the HEADLINE otherwise it will be REJECTED. Opinion articles that are not properly labelled often appear as genuine news stories and can be misleading to readers.

2.Fictional articles about rape, incest, beastiality, rape of corpse will be rejected.

3.Articles making claims about payments and clicks on the Opera News Hub will be rejected if they lack expertise, depth and practical ways to teach other authors. Testimonials with unverifiable figures will also be rejected. 

4.Authors should learn to “attribute” their sources when writing sensitive articles. If an author does not attribute his/her source when writing articles about net worth, and other similar articles, review editors will reject. This source must be from a credible media platform.

5.Articles with sexually suggestive pictures will be rejected.

6.Articles about BITCOINS will be rejected.

7.The use of images that have no relationship with content will be rejected.

8.All articles that have pictures of snakes.

9.All articles showing abnormal body/skin conditions will be rejected.

10.All forms of clickbaits in both headlines and contents will be rejected. Example; tears flow, the world mourns, etc."

So, if you are a user (reader) in this platform, read with confident. The information published here is more than a quality!

Content created and supplied by: Tekmedia (via Opera News )

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