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Mobile Photography Ideas And Hacks You Must Try

Special Factors To be Considered In Mobile Photography:

First of all to be more comfortable with your work you need to get the right and good smartphone to make your work very clear and very interesting to your self and also to your viewers.

Nowadays, there are many smart phones that you can use for your mobile photography, as a smart phone you can use any type of your device for your mobile photography such as Samsung,infinix, iPhone, huawei,Tecno and so on.

Next thing to do is that,know how to use your smart phone camera accurately and perfectly by looking down the following guidelines:

1.A lot of modern smart phones has three to four camera,each everyone of them has a very interested feature,so using them together can make you produce clear and better images.

2.Choose a nice background,although you can sometimes use a boring background and later transform it into a better and unique background.

3.Avoid putting high brightness,adjust it to about 0.0 to 1.0,it also depend on the location you choose at that particular moment.

4.Always change your camera to auto mode when capturing objects that may be continuously moving.

5.Avoid shaking your hands while taking your images,it is advisable to use your two hands.

6.Your subject has to be on a good pose,especially when it comes to humans as your subject.

7.You can still add up some special effects by editing your images through the help of mobile editor or some other additional mobile apps that are designed for editing.

All you have to do now is to try the new tips and compare them with your old images and know the difference.

Content created and supplied by: Geemar (via Opera News )

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