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Step by Step to Turn Off Read Receipts Blue Ticks (Message Seen) on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a really helpful system for the user which provides a read receipt feature that allows users to know that their messages have been read by their recipients by displaying two blue ticks.

This feature has become helpful for some of the users. Some the people don’t want that senders be notified that he/she read the message. Maybe you are one of the people do don’t happy with this feature. Because when you read this message it like leave the message that “I read your message and I am ignoring you” Maybe you are not ignoring it due to the busy routine of life of some other critical issue.

You send a lot of messages to send the status that you have to send the message to many people with their notification icon which helps you to know that message was sent, delivered or read. If you see on the other hand if someone replying you see that he or she is typing.

If you are not happy with that blue tick to see the feature. There is possible that you can see the message without know the sender that you see the message. Let’s get started how to do it.

Turn Off Read Receipts Blue Ticks Message Seen on WhatsApp

Follow these steps to turn off read receipts blue ticks message seen on WhatsApp.

Step-1 Open your WhatsApp Messenger and then click on three dots button And tap on Setting It’s at the bottom of the drop-down menu here.

Step-2 Tap on Account.

Step-3 Now Tap on Privacy.

Step-4 Scroll down a little bit and find read receipts and toggle it Off.

Note: “If you turn off this feature, you won’t send or receive read receipts. If you want to see other read receipts then turn this ON.”

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