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How Opera feedback Helps Me to Start Writing Junk-Free Articles

Opera news hub does not have a personal relationship with any writer, if you have seen anyone at the top with many followers and earning much, they earned those followers through hard work and writing high quality articles.

Today, I am writing on how I have being able to minimize my articles from being rejected as junk sentences by simply following replies from Opera feedback email.

Just like any organization have their rules that governs them, any writer on hub is expected to read and understand Opera rules that guides article publishing. Those rules are being published from time to time but most at times, we don't read them.

In the month of April, I have some of my articles being rejected as junk sentences I got tired of the whole thing and was bothered, like everyone else would do, I decided to contact Opera news hub through the email account that was made available ([email protected]).

After I have sent the message, in less than 10 minutes, I got their reply telling me why my articles were reject as junk sentences and the person who replied me also gave me link to educate myself on how to write without writing junks.

Below are some of the reasons my articles were rejected as containing junk sentences

1. I repeated my headline/topic in the first paragraph of my article, and it was rejected as junk.

2. Secondly, I used picture from another article online and it was discovered, and the article was rejected as junk.

3. My paragraph was the not comprehensive, it will be rejected as junk. There were other things but these three are the one that mostly affected me.

How I manage to reduce my articles from being rejected as junk.

1. Use pictures of the persons you are writing on and don't bother combining different picture as collage for headline, once one of those pictures are from another article, it will be rejected. So I try as much as possible to avoid it.

2. Write meaningful paragraphs. e.g. (a) who are you writing on (b) what did he or she do (c) what was the effect (d) how did people reacted (e) what lesson.

3. Finally, don't write to meet up with five daily articles. focus on quality, error and plagrarism free. these will keep on upgrading your account.

4. Above all, ask God for inspiration and ideas. Any topic can just drop on your mind and you pick either your pen, computer or phone and write it down.

After this, I have since been writing junk free sentences.

Content created and supplied by: MichaelPD1st (via Opera News )

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