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4 Ways to Improve Your Computer Performance

1. Uninstall unnecessary software

Your PC comes preloaded with various applications that numerous individuals will not use but that consume system resources You can usually identify these when you see a pop up inciting you to update a program you have never used for once.

2. Limit the programs at startup

Along this lines, you can also figure out which applications run when your PC boots up. Windows 10 has a updated Task Manager that makes it simpler to figure out what you need running in the background and what you can start your own. 

3. Check for spyware and viruses 

It's almost impossible not to get a virus at a point while browsing, but the new Windows Defender software has made it easier than any time in recent memory to find malware that might be creating problems on your PC. 

4. Use Disk Cleanup and defragmentation 

Each PC has various documents and programs on its hard drive that haven't been used in a while or are unnecessary. Disk Cleanup permits you to find which applications and documents can be erased from your PC, freeing up space for the programs you will use.

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