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FUNNY!: Four Memes about twitter hack

After the accounts of Elon Musk, Bill gates, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West and even Twitter's security account got hacked some funny memes has been released check it out.


Funny right? Follow me and expect more ....





But what is not funny is the amount of people that have lost money.

Over $100,000 worth of Bitcoin is said to have been swindled from the hack.

Moral lesson: Not all that glitter is gold.

How to prevent your account from being hacked

1. Do not input your password in sites that look wierd.

2. Change your passwords regularly.

3. Make sure your passwords are hard to get

4. Use two factor authentication system.

5. If you notice there are changes you did not make, change your password and report to the security team.

6. Deactivate your account when not in use.

How to know when you have been hacked.

1. You start seeing changes you did not make.

2. You notice logins from different location.

3. Your password has been changed.

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