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See The Birthday Picture That Got People Talking On Facebook

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As we all know that birthday celebration is not compulsory but optional, many people have different ways they celebrate their birthday.

Birthday celebration is just like offering thanks to God for what he has done, and keeping them safe until he sees other years.

I was just checking out some updates on that and when I saw the picture a guy posted, while the poster might post it thinking it's going to make people laugh but it's not funny the guy inside the picture shows a spirit of satisfaction.

He did not do the celebration beyond his ability; instead of buying cake and wine to celebrate he cooked eba and chicken, he also added regular drinks to it.

Let's learn from this guy that there are a lot of people out there thinking that birthday is a must-do for them and they're going to do it beyond their ability and later get into a big debt.

He Cut his coat according to his clothes

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Birthday Picture


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