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4 Tips on how to Make Your Laptop Work Faster

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Tips for All Laptops

1. Quit programs and applications you're not currently using.

Running multiple programs and applications at once uses a lot of your PC's memory, making it run slowly. Reducing the number of programs and applications you have open may improve your PC's speed.

2. Close unnecessary browser tabs.

Each tab in your internet browser requires a small amount of memory to run. The more tabs you have open, the more memory your PC is required to devote to running the internet browser. Limiting the numbers of tabs you have opened at a time can increase the speed of your PC.

3. Restart your PC. laptops benefit from regular (~1x/week) restarts. Restarting may improve your PC's speed.

4. Delete unnecessary programs, applications, and documents. Deleting programs, applications, and files you no longer use will free up space on your PC's hard drive.

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