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5 Simple Things You Can Do At Work To Reflect More

The main enemy of reflection is, of course, the relentless pressure of time. I just have not got time to reflect, we say ourselves in the offices across the world.

Of course, the more you model behavior that encourages reflection, the more likely those around you will be to see it's value.

1. Ensure that all team meetings start with a brief feedback session to learn from what has gone before.

2. Create feedback and reflection templates to accompany every aspect of your work and make them available in paper and electronic format.

3. Having separate sections of all notice boards for reflective comments.

4. Have a dedicated section of your intrarnet devoted to reflection and evaluation.

5. Make 360 degree feedback (feedback from all those who work with and for you as part of a performance process) commonplace, with everyone invited to be part of an appraisal s heme, not just your superior.

I hope this articles is helpful. If you find it helpful comments and like.

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