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Three categories of people that think that they are made for life

In this life it's not bad to want things but it becomes bad when you turn it to mockery or use it as an advantage against those that aren't financially up to the standard of life you live.

So here are the three sets of people that feel that they have made it.


These set of people actually feel that the an iphone user should not be talking to those using the android, check out, even the social media,twitter has been classifying tweets based on the brand of phone you use in tweeting without regarding the fact some androids are actually costlier and better than most iphones. Imagine dragging or trying to settle a beef that was caused by

twitter for iphone and twitter for android😜😜.

2.plastic face mask users.

I hope y'all are seeing men we're supposed to call security are actually doing?? telling a woman that came with a normal face mask to go and put on the plastic model of the mask which she can't afford when they should be trying as much as possible to assist her. I just don't understand what our country is actually turning into, this doesn't go on in other countries.

3.Bankers. It has actually gotten to a point where customers can't be right again or corrected despite the fact that they are the ones increasing the growth of the bank and development.

Actually i was in the bank yesterday and i saw an old woman who came to withdraw money using cheque,i was watching as she went to the counter and gave the cashier the cheque. and meanwhile the old lady couldn't read and write cause of lack of proper education during her youth. So she managed to fill the cheque not quite well as i would later find out. She went to the counter and gave the lady over the desk the cheque and the lady not minding the costumers age started harrasing her just because she has a third class degree and employed in the bank.

To cap it all i really think we should always remember that using costly or expensive things doesn't make us special among others, but the truth is this you can only fill special about yourself and worse among among.

What your take on this, let me know your thoughts and reaction in the comment section below.

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