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This is the amount of videos you need to upload to get noticed by YouTube

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In this article i will be telling you how YouTube help channels grow due to the content they upload on the platform, it may be sport, fitness, cooking, comedy e.t.c

So if you want to grow your channel, on YouTube and also having the requirement which is 1000 subscribes and 4000hours of watch, now i will be giving you the rage in which you will now the categories you fall into,

So this list are the cumulative of 3.5million channels on YouTube.

So the range for getting

* 1000subscribes - 10, 000 subscribes you will have to upload up to 152+ videos before YouTube can notices your channel and then rank it on the search engine, so if you have not uploaded up to that amount sorry bro you cannot be noticed by YouTube, only if you are interacting well with your few subscriber that is they are sharing your videos in order social media platform that is when you can boost your channel faster.

*The range for getting

10,000 subscribes - 100,000 subscribers on YouTube you will have to Upload more than 418+ videos yes more than that so if you have not reached that milestone YouTube will not help you cross that trenches hold this are the secret that YouTube channels will not tell you because they will think people will just quit. Yes they will say it is to much where will they get all this videos from that to hell with YouTube. Even 5-minute craft started like that but they will not tell you. The range in which they upload was like 1minute like that still they became popular and when they notices they are popular they went and delete all there short videos so that people will not notice. You can go and check for yourself filter it to oldest i beat you, you will not see there 1 minute videos again because they have achieved there aim so if they upload 1hour video on there channel there subscribes will watch it because they know them and also love there videos.

* The range for getting

100,000 subscribes to 1million subscribes you will have to upload approximately 1,523+ videos yes this time you are almost crossing the 1million mark, this are the time some you tubers stop posting regularly because they are popular already some post once a week.

* The range of getting

1 million + subscribers .......... You will have to upload 3,873+ videos on YoutTube so all this result are not typical it depends on the work you but into it. So all this content do not say if you upload that video you will get that amount of subscribes, but if you can interact with your subscribes throw the comment section you can also make more videos in which they like to grow your channel faster.

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