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Quality pictures: Six ways to Compete with an Iphone with your Android.

Humans are generally known to always desire maximum output From limited opportunities presented them. It is from this angle that people with phones other than Iphone would want to take pictures and want them to look really nice and adorable. While this could be difficult owing to the understandably lower or exaggerated mega pixel (MP) of most android phones, it is still not impossible to get a good quality pictures with an android phone if you follow these steps.

1. Endeavor to manage your background. Yes. Learn to understand and manage the environment from which you're taking the pictures. The materials, structures, particles, looks of the environment you're taking the picture should be in order. Learn to balance the structure of the building around you. In a situation where you're taking picture in-between two buildings, learn to either stand in between the building or beside a particular one. Avoid a scenario where one building is more enlarged than the other because it'll create a kind of imbalance that could affect the subject of the picture even if the subject is good.

2. Avoid too much editing as its reduces the quality of the picture. Too much editing on a subject diminishes the quality of the picture. In a bid to make sure a picture looks really beautiful, endeavor to be careful with the editing as not to lose the originality of the picture. In a situation where you have multiple wrinkles or pimples on your face, by editing it so that no pimples would show is not good editing. The best you should do when editing is to reduce the spot or faint it, as to reduce the magnanimity/heaviness of the pimples. This way, you'll get your real facial outlook without unnecessarily changing your face.  

4. Maintain stability in the handling of the phone. This is just as important as every aspect of photography. Your hand can't be 100% stable when taking a picture. It is for this reason, that in developed countries, most photography studios have tripod where they place they camera. In the case of phone usage, avoid unnecessary distractions that could cause vibration to your hands as it causes an imbalance in the picture you're taking. iPhones and some Samsung generally come with an inbuilt techniques that reduces the level of vibration when taking a picture. For other android users where this feature is not inherent, it is up to you to endeavor to be as stable as possible before clicking the shuttle.

5. Cut it nicely. Pictures fundamentally looses it sharpness when the surrounding of the picture is overly cut or tampered with when editing. Picture taking is generally in 3 phases i, portrait; where your chest and head is only obvious. ii, Three quarter; it starts from above your knees up to your head. Or precisely, any human image where the hands are obviously captured. iii, Full; here, the whole body shows. Endeavor not to cut any part of the body away. It is for this reason that you're advised to manage your background when taking pictures. Make sure the space you're leaving in the 4 sides of your subject is not too marginal or close. With this, you wouldn't need to unnecessarily cut away the waste margins hereby diminishing the sharpness or quality of the picture/subject.

6. Light : Subject in a pictures generally look nice in an environment with sufficient white light. Natural sunlight is the best. Here, sunlight provides enough light to all the surroundings of the subject. Avoid places with shadows as it tends to brightens one side than the other. If you're taking an outdoor pictures under the tree for example, shadows, that could be obvious as a result of the tree branch shielding direct sun rays that could hover on the subject can be avoided by the position of the photographer.

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