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Photos of How Smart Phones are Made In the Factory

A good look at the mobile smart phones we use and an examination of its enormous power makes us wonder how it is actually made! Could this be the product of the human brain?! Or probably angels manufacture them!

Our wondering increases even more when our smart phones makes us smarter than we used to be and for some of us, it's actually our first office- giving us good sources of income; enabling us to do remote jobs at the comfort of our homes.

In order to answer our questions, this article will be revealing in pictures how smart phones are made, and what they are made of. So sit back and enjoy viewing these pictures.

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Smart Phones Being Manufactured In the Factory

A Little Girl Installing a TabletA Lady Design a TemplateMobile Phones are made from a variety of raw materials. They are:

Screen: Indium, tin

Wire: Copper

Metals: Gold, silver, platinum

Semiconductors:Gallium, Silicon and Germanium

Battery: Lithium and Nickel

Glass: Metallic Oxides and Sapphire

Countries that manufacture smart phones includes China, India, US, Indonesia, Canada, Russia, UK, and many others.

I think with this, you have an idea on how phones are made and what they are made of.

You can click on the link below to watch a video on how smart phones are made:

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Copper Metals Gallium Wire


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