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These three things can slowly destroy your computer health unknowingly to you- Part 1

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 Sometimes, when we buy a new system (laptop, desktop or maybe a phone), they tend to wear off day to day and soon enough, they are spoilt or their lifespan has been reduced and you may be wondering why.

 In this article, I would be enlightening you on how to maintain the life cycle of your computer (PC) by telling you the things that can destroy it.

1. Wrong charger (power pack): Sometimes, you may have seen a warning message that the charged isn't compatible and you should use a charger of 90 Walt or higher. Well, I must tell that even me have once ignored the message and it slowly destroyed my computer battery unknowingly to me so I had to buy a new one and a new charger; Its sad to say but something that would had cost less had cost me more due to ignorance. If I had known, I would had bought a new power pack (charger) earlier.

Well in short, before buying a charger make sure that it is at least up to 90 Walt.

2. Charging overnight: Charging your computer overnight is very dangerous and harmful to your computer battery. It is more advisable to charge it when in use (unlike the mobile phone) or when its switched on.

3. Overcharging: This doesn't involve charging when in use. Overcharging of a computer when it is not switched off can cause damage to the battery.

Do you do any of those, if yes, comment the number that you do and don't forget to stop it.

#Stay safe

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