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Wearing tips for face mask users

A tweet by BBC news UK has explained what to do and what not to do when wearing face mask. But before I proceed with my own observations on the wrong usage of face mask, I will like to show the pics of the tweet as screenshoted from the page below.Many of Nigerian users of face mask use it wrongly and one begin to wonder if it is necessary at all they use it in the first place. From the picture above, it can be deduced that, in the face of pandemic, one cannot afford to be careless or cavalier about putting on face mask. What about the people who pull down their face mask to talk to others. Not a good approach to face mask usage. Since we all believe face mask is one the major yardsticks laid down to prevent us from covid 19, we should all learn to use it properly and effectively.

My observations so far on usage of face mask in Nigeria is that:

1. Many users repeat it without proper wash

It is not right to use face mask and reuse it the next day without proper laundry or dispose if possible. The essence of using it in the first place is to ensure protection against the virus on a daily basis.

2. Many users pull it down to talk

How on Earth? You are protecting yourself from a virus that can be spread or contacted through the mouth and you have to pull down your protector to become more vulnerable? Don't pull down your face mask when you talk.

3. I have seen many wear it wrongly covering mouth and leaving nose. Don't forget that Corona virus can be contacted via nose also that is why it is mandatory to cover both nose and mouth with face mask.

All the above pics showed wrong usage of wearing face mask. I don't think is necessary to use face mask if one cannot abide by it proper usage. Improper usage amount to no effort to stop spreading and contacting covid 19. Add your own observations about wrong use of face mask.

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