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To make your phone last longer, avoid these five common practices

The computer age is the era we all are living in ,it has made a lot of computerized devices and gadgets readily available and handy, ranging from the early supercomputers down to our smart phones. The telephone is a very common computer today. However, many of us do complain that our mobile phones have always had problems which has made us spend a lot of money and even led to the total damage of some these mobile devices, unknown to many that a lot of common mistakes being made while handling our mobile phones contribute a very high percentage to these damages.

Here are five common practices to avoid to enable your phone last longer.

1) Charging the phone accidentally:

So many people have gotten use to the habit of plugging their phone and falling asleep, leaving the phone connected to voltage even when it is fully charged. This is a very unhealthy practice and will shorten the life of the phone likewise the charger. It also tends to damage the charging port of mobile phones.

2) Make it overheat:

When the phone is placed on a table or window exposed to direct sunlight, it will eventually overheat. Overheating will destroy the life of the battery and also damages the pannel of the phone. This eventually reduces the life span of the phone as some damage to the phone pannel can't be repaired but only replaced.

3) Downloading software updates from unsafe and untrusted websites:-

This mainly applies to smartphones that often require system updates from time to time. Downloading software updates from uncertified sites may lead to malfunctioning of the phone and software glitches. Software updates should only be made from sites authorised by the smartphone manufacturers.

4) Using a broken manually connected charger:

It is been noticed that a number of people use a broken manually connected charger, that is, connecting two different USB cables together by just joining the wires when one side of the cable get spoilt . This has a great risk, as it may damage the charging IC of the mobile phone. This is highly prohibited to enable your phone last longer.

5) Charging with a fluctuating voltage power supply:

Charging with a fluctuating voltage power supply which is mostly from unstable electric generators will eventually burn and damage the charger, the charging point and the charging IC of the smart phone, which will negatively affect and reduce the life span of your phone. It should be avoided

Observing the above situation, you won' t even spend money to repair your phone.

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Thank you.

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