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Top 5 Instagram Analytics Tools to Uplift Your Business


provides third-party analytics for Instagram. It grew out of the platform HypeFactory in 2017, when the company decided to focus on its strengths - data and analytics.

HypeAuditor is a vast database powered by artificial intelligence that’s indexed nearly 3 million Instagram profiles so far.

It works on a Pay-As-You-Go model, with no subscription required. You buy tokens and spend them influencer reports, with each report costing you a token. Although you pay $30 per report if you buy less than 10, the rate decreases the more you purchase.

The key analytic that HypeAuditor provides about every influencer is their Audience Quality Score for Instagram. This is a 1 to 100 metric which consists of three components:

  • Engagement Rate
  • Authentic Engagement
  • Followers Reachability

The Audience Quality Score uses AI to detect cheating and sporadic followers. Any influencer with a score over 70 should be someone that you can feel comfortable about working with.


is a paid app providing industry-leading analytics and tools to grow your business on Instagram and Facebook. It offers more than just analytics, including post scheduling and content planning tools.

You gain access to the Analytics module from the lowest Pro tier at $29 per month.

The Instagram analytics cover a wide range of your accounts operation. Iconsquare provides you with analytics relating to your community, content, engagement, reach, profile activity, page performance, Instagram Stories performance, and hashtags. You can also see analytics about at least three of your competitors, with more available on the higher plans.

Iconosquare also offers a free Instagram Audit tool, which shows you more than 20 metrics relating to your account settings, account activity, audience engagement, and post optimization.

Instagram Insights 

is the free analytics tool Instagram provides to any user who converts to a business profile.

You will notice a graph icon in the upper-right section of your profile. Click on this to access your Instagram insights. This will show you essential insights into how your Instagram account performs.

At the top of the page, you will see total impressions and the change from the previous week. You can swipe through this summary section to find other key metrics:

  • Reach for the account
  • Profile views
  • Website clicks
  • Call clicks/email clicks

Further down the page is the Top Posts section. This shows you your top six posts from the last week, based on impressions. You can tap on “See More” to view additional detail and to adjust your filters to cover a more extended time period and a different range of metrics (impressions, reach, engagement, likes, comments, views).

If you are interested in discovering detailed statistics about a particular post you can find that by tapping View Insights on the post in question.

The next section of your Instagram Insights Screen is labeled Stories and gives insights on your Instagram Stories. You can alter filters for the time period you wish to analyze (up to 14 days), along with the metrics that interest you (impressions, reach, exits or replies).

The following section analyzes your Followers. It shows the average duration that your followers are on Instagram at the current time of the week, and you can also discover:

  • Follower count
  • Gender distribution
  • Age range distribution
  • Your followers’ top locations
  • Follower activity

Instagram Insights will also give you details on the performance of any Instagram ads you may run.


primary purpose is to help you discover and schedule content and manage all your social accounts from one place. It is principally a post scheduler across your various social network accounts. It has a free plan, as well as a range of paid plans. You can schedule and work with your Instagram account at all pricing levels, including the free one.

It provides social analytics, although you are restricted to just one days’ data on the free plan. This expands to 30 days of data for all of the paid tiers. You can also access post analytics but on the paid plans only. Crowdfire currently announces that they will add advanced analytics for their VIP ($33.32 / month) plan shortly.


is primarily known as a social media scheduling tool. Their free account allows you to manage three social profiles, schedule up to 30 social messages, and access basic analytics, where you can track follower growth and see which content resonates with your audience. The free plan does allow access to a range of social analytics integrations, should you work with a more specialist analytics package.

If you opt for one of their paid plans, however, you gain access to more powerful analytical features. Obviously each higher-level plan offers other upgraded features as well as analytical capabilities.

If you sign up to the $19/month Professional Plan, you gain access to an overview of your key metrics – a clear, concise snapshot of your essential Instagram (and other social network) activity to track trends and measure growth.

The Team plan adds access to unlimited reports, where you can create customized analytics dashboards—or use their templates—to learn more about how your followers engage with your content.

There are additional capabilities with the more expensive Business and Enterprise pricing tiers, although it is unlikely that influencers would opt for these plans.


is a comprehensive paid service. One of its capabilities is account tracking and reporting. It allows you to monitor all of your brand’s Instagram posts, as well as those of your competitors, showing you how they perform. With this knowledge, you can optimize future content strategy for growth and engagement. Keyhole also includes comprehensive hashtag and keyword tagging.

The cheapest plan (Professional) is probably beyond the reach of most influencers, but it gives a free preview of what it offers. With the preview, you can check data going back a year (but with a maximum of 99 posts).

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