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Relationships would be transparent if only WhatsApp would add this feature (Opinion)

In this current age of social media, one can't deny the fact that a whole lot of relationships are shrouded in secrecy, lies and bigger lies.

The ability of one to chat with multiple people at the same time(without one's significant other's knowledge) and clear the chats are the major reasons why most relationships and even marriages packs up, especially when caught.

Once upon a time in the days of BlackBerry's BBM, whenever you're pinging (chatting) someone, whatever that person does with his/her phone at that particular moment would be on display.

For example, there was this day I was pinging this particular lady and her status read, "Bose is watching"

If you're listening to a song while pinging, the tittle of the song would be on display for your contacts to see.

This BlackBerry's BBM feature with a slight twist would make relationships of nowadays transparent.

Whatsapp being the most used messenger worldwide should add similar feature to that of blackberry, though with a slight twist.

This feature would be; displaying whoever your significant other is chatting with at the moment to you... lol

For example, when you're chatting with your girlfriend and she's chatting with another guy, it would be on display that, "Sugar is chatting with Zaddy" or "pearl is chatting with bank alert."

We live in a very strange and perilous time when truth and honesty are a very scarce commodity.

A girl/guy might be professing love to you and others at the same time while you all think that she has just you.

The recent line most ladies give these days for not chatting is, "When I come online I don't like chatting, I just come online to view status."

This feature would expose what they are really coming to do online and who they chat with.

Don't you think this feature if added, would be of immense help to make relationships transparent?

Please let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section.

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