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See The Funny Responses I Gave Scammers On Facebook That Made Them Blocked Me On their Own

Facebook as we all know is a social media platform where we make friends with people we don't know physically. It's a place where you are free to share your thoughts, opinions and views with others. With Facebook, you can advertise your business, share memorable pictures of you and friends as well as share life videos of you: just to mention but a few.

But in recent years, I have discovered that Facebook is now a den of fraudulent activities by scammers, ritualists, fake betting gamers, fake pastors and some impersonating former president Obasanjo, pastor Akumuyi and other notable men of God in Nigeria; all in a bit to swindle innocent people on Facebook of their hard earned money. In fact their activities in recent time due to covid-19 Pandemic and lockdown have escalated to an uncontrollable level.

Two weeks ago, I had over 2k friend requests on Facebook and almost half of them were either scammers or babalawos (ritualists). There are many of them with different tricks which are categorised under the two I mentioned above (scammers and babalawos also known as ritualists).

How to identify them??

The Scammers are:

1) Fraudulent investment platforms such as Bimono investment, access capital investment, capital investment, new life investment, naija loan investment, etc.

How they operate.........they will send you friend requests using a good looking lady or guy's picture; sitting in a beautiful office as their Facebook profile pictures and as soon as you accept their friend requests, they jump into your inbox with "Good morning sir, how are you doing sir, how's family sir etc" and the moment you respond, the next thing will be "have you heard about Binomo Investment platform sir?". That's how they start.

These are investments platforms they claim that when you invest for example, 20k you will get 40k (double) within 6's that possible? but the funniest thing is, some Nigerians are falling for it because they want to get rich quick without hustling.

They also hack into accounts of people you know on Facebook to chat you up in a bit to scam you.

2) The Custom Auction guys: these ones, the moment you accept their friend Requests, they will come into your inbox with custom auction of different products ranging from cars, bags of rice and others. Be careful of them because they will trick you to send money and you won't get anything and at the end they will block you on Facebook asap.

3) Those with fake betting games.....

4) Those using pictures of sexy and half nude girls as their profile images: they will send you friend requests and the moment you accept it, they will come into your inbox with chats like "I want to tell you something" and if you reply, they will drop a WhatsApp number and ask you to chat them on WhatsApp. On WhatsApp, they will ask you to send certain amount of call credits for their s*X videos or nude pictures (always in categories with different call credit amounts).

Under this category, some will ask you for 1k recharge card directly on your Facebook messenger. Imagine them going around asking people for 1k each on Facebook. This category is made up of soft scammers because they come like online beggars. If not all, most of such accounts are used by guys but they will always use beautiful lady's pictures on their profiles to deceive men.

The fake pastors and those impersonating notable personalities like Pastor Akumuyi, former president Obasanjo: these guys will send you chats that "God has blessed them, so they are giving back to empower the youths; then you ask you to call their personal assistants with a phone numbers that accompany the chats.

Then the Babalawos (ritualists) .....these ones are known for advertising ritual money and also send chats asking what problem you have because they are ready to help.

I have had several experiences with them; thus I developed some funny way of replying them which always made them block me on their own. My responses always show them that they are chatting with a total wrong guy.

Here are some of my funny responses that always make them block me by themselves......


This is a warning to all innocent Facebook users; be mindful of these people. I have listed some of their tricks above and how to identify them. Please don't fall a victim.

Thank you!!!!

Content created and supplied by: Kharisinfoblog (via Opera News )

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