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How to Cartoon your image and Animate it on your Android phone

Many people have looking for one way or the other to make their cartoon image and animation. One of the vital skill many use now in doing advert is this animation of cartoons. I will provide two ways of how you can cartoon your image and one way you can perform animation.One of the best cartoon creation app is adope draw, there is a lot of features in this app and it gives you best results you could ever imagine.That is one of the project with the adope draw. It might be bored or frustrating at the start but you have to learn the tools one after the other. The more you develop your interest the you get more understand of the tools. Those that have little or more experience in adope Photoshop will easily adapt to the use of this app. The developer of this app created this app this app in term of Photoshop in android version in other to create a cartoon image.The second on my list is Autodesk, this android application is complex unlike adope draw but what is required is your rugged concentration as it more tools, brushes and many features also.If you are a type that easily get tired, don't bother to download this app, because at the beginning it will look frustrating but once you get use to it, then it will be simple. All you need is your familiarity with this app and in getting this app, just go to your Google Chrome then search for Autodesk that all you can get this app also on play store.The last android app I will recommend is Plotagon. Plotagon is a cartoon animation app with built in features that let you access many characters of your choice easy to learn and very interesting to use. Many people collect training fees before recommending this app to you, I also pay before I knew this app, before I realized that I can teach myself it's not hard to use at all, just stay calm and learn the features one after the other. And if you want to make your animation superb, you will have to download an In short application is a video editing app, where you can add some music, voice, and effect that will glow your work. All you need is your commitment, to test all the features one after the other and know what they work for you are good to go

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