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5 Tested & Proven Tips To Minimize Internet Data Usage Consumption

Most of us get astonished by manner in which a monthly data bundle gets exhausted within a week. Some at a point ask is the ISP is sailing a fake scripted data digit. The answer is NO because the over usage of internet data bundle are based on some background processes like update of an App, Social media content loading and more.

in this article i will be revealing to you the top 5 secret to minimize Data bundle usage.

1. Restrict App Background Data

Some apps keep consuming mobile phone data even when not in use. Background data helps you to keep your apps updated and functional. But the truth is that most of them are irrelevant and doesn't need to be updated. So to avoid this go to setting>>Data Usage

Then tap on any app, there you can see the background and foreground task of the app. If you observe it's irrelevant or consumes more data, you can then tap on Restrict App background Data, So that only till you onclick it will then it will load.

2. Update App Over Wi-Fi Only

This is another efficient way of reducing Data consumption by disabling Auto App update or Auto backup in Playstore and WhatsApp. For Playstore, go to Playstore and tap Menu>>settings >> Auto Update-App, and select wi-fi only.

And for WhatsApp, go to whatsapp>>settings>>Chats>>Chat backup and select Wi-Fi only. So that you will only do it manually when needed.

3. Step Down Your Network Capacity When Necessary

Nowadays most phones comes with high network type or bandwidth mode like 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G. the more your bandwidth the bigger the tunnel for your data outflow increases. So it's recommended for you to always step it low or else when you're streaming, watching video or any other content you may need to be delivered fast. As it will also save your battery life. So to do this, depending on your type of phone, Go to Setting>>More>>Mobile networks and select GSM/UMTS mode or 2G. Depending on your phone.

4.Use Data Compression In Chrome

Google chrome is one the most popularly used browser. The good side of it is that it has an inbuilt feature which let's it compress & minimize data influx. To use this, click on the three dot at the top right hand side and click Settings, and scroll down to where it say's Data saver, click or turn on the button to activate this feature. It also prevent's you from loading malicious content and passes all your traffic to proxy run by google.

5.Cache Google Map for Offline mode

With Google new Map platform you can now save your GPS map for offline usage, which saves both time and data.

So next time you're on Wi-Fi go to Google Maps>>Menu>>Offline Maps. there you can select your own Map, click on your region where you want to be offline and click download.

Content created and supplied by: Techtrend (via Opera News )

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