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Three Things The Internet Hasn't Change

Three Things The Internet Hasn't Change

Things will change, for change is inevitable, change is constant. French president Sarkozy during his G-8 Forum in Paris said the internet was a revolutionary force changing everything from the revolution in Egypt all the way try o every aspect of the economy. But there are still some things the internet hasn't change :

* If you can't read or write, using the internet is still not be an option for you.

* We still need professional. In no time soon will doctors and lawyers loss their jobs because of the growth of the internet. The internet hasn't change that YET

* Is it really free? So many free content exists on the internet, when you dig deeper you may find out it isn't really free. Usually exchange. It could be your privacy, time, personal information, computer security or money.

Writing, print, and electronic communications—the three most important media that preceded the Internet—did not cash the huge adventure same much. Rather, they were brought into personality by chief chronological trends that were by now satisfactory underway, they augmented effects that were before now ready on.

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