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10 Best Android App For Downloading Video From Youtube For Free

YouTube is the world largest website for uploading and watching videos. Every 5 minutes 300 hours of video is been uploaded. It has approximately 2 billion subscribers and about 5 million videos on the platform.

Though YouTube Terms of Service has explicitly made downloading of videos from their site illegal and has removed functionality of downloading videos from their site. Downloading of videos from YouTube can only be done through a third-party apps and these violates YouTube terms.

Although sometimes we might find ourselves in a tight corner or chance and would want to download videos from YouTube to watch later. This has made up compile 9 best android app for downloading videos from YouTube.

Before downloading YouTube videos ensure to read YouTube Terms of Service to save yourself from facing trial or a fine from copyrighted content.

10 YouTube Downloaders Apps

A) YouTube Go

YouTube Go is developed by Google to enable low performing smartphones save videos on their smartphones for a later watch.

With YouTube Go you can share videos of high quality without using internet. The downside of this app is that it doesn’t support downloading videos from other websites like Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook etc.

Using YouTube Go is easy just follow the download link, install it and you can start using it.

B) VidMate

VidMate is another remarkable YouTube video downloader app you can use to download videos from YouTube.

You can easily search for files based on different categories such as movies, music, tv show, better still you can directly search for any files from its Search-Bar.

The app provides infrastructural robust for downloading video fast on a high speed. It also supports customizing the download rate and you can choose the preferred download location within its download settings.

In addition VidMate has a built-in video player, music player, and you can create encrypted space within the app to support hiding of videos on your smartphone.

How to use VidMate

i) Download the VidMate App

ii) Launch the app and tap on the YouTube mobile site in the app.

iii) Search for the video you want to download and tap on the red download button on the content.

iv) Select the quality of your video and tap the “Download” option. Your video will start downloading.

c) KeepVid

KeepVid has a faster speed of downloading videos from YouTube compared to compared to other YouTube video downloaders.

It supports downloading of videos from other websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

You can download and convert videos and music of different formats and mimes including 4K, HD etc.

How to download YouTube videos using KeepVid

· Download the video from KeepVid

· Open YouTube in the app and search for the video.

· Select the video and tap on the blue download button beneath the video player

· Select the quality of the file, and your video will be saved automatically.

d) Snaptube

Snaptube has a user-friendly interface organized by popular sites, popular videos and other video categories. It also supports performing direct video search through its search bar and you can choose the quality of the video before downloading. Sharing of downloaded videos on Facebook, Twitter, etc. is also possible through Snaptube.

How to download videos using Snaptube

· Download the app from Snaptube

· Open the app and select the YouTube mobile site from its Homepage.

· Search for the video in the YouTube search bar.

· Select the video and tap on the red download button displayed on the right side of the video.

· Choose the quality of the video, and your video will start downloading.

e) Videoder

Videoder supports streaming of videos in different formats. You can download videos from different video hosting sites and also videos from social media. Selecting the quality of the video to download is also possible with Videorder.

It has faster speed of downloading videos and has different themes, night mode, and built-in video player.

How to download YouTube videos on Android Phone using Videoder

· Download Videoder from their official site but more preferably download the app from play store.

· Open YouTube in the app.

· Search for the video.

· Click the download button and select the download link that pops up.

NB:You can choose the video format you want and also download the video in mp3 format.

· Alternatively, you can share a video on the YouTube app to Videoder and the download link will pop-up.

f) YT3 YouTube Downloader

In YT3 you can download videos in MP3 and MP4 formats. It supports fast downloading speed and and has a user-friendly interface. With its preview button you can preview your downloads before downloading.

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How to download YouTube videos using YT3 Downloader

· Download the official app from YT3 YouTube Downloader

· Open the app and search for the video you want to download.

· Select the MP3 or MP4 download file option which is shown on the right side of the video. You can also have an audio preview before you download it.

· You can also share a video from Youtube to YT3 downloader to download it.

g) NewPipe

NewPipe is an open-source Android application for downloading YouTube videos.

The unique feature of NewPipe is that is doesn’t use any proprietary YouTube API or Google’s Play services.The software aim to provide original YouTube app experience to its users without displaying any annoying ads.

YT3 background player enables you to play any YouTube songs in the background while using other apps. It has fast video downloading speed and offers you different file formats and resolutions for downloading YouTube videos and audios.

YT3 protects your privacy as it does not save any user data nor use any services that analyze your usage behavior.

Its other remarkable features include channel subscriptions, video pop-up mode, 4K support, multiple themes, etc.

It is lightweight and free with no in-app purchases or ads.

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How to download YouTube videos on Android using NewPipe

· Download NewPipe

· Install the application.

· Open the app and search for the video you want to download in the search bar.

· Click your desired video from the search results.

· Tap on the download button and select the quality and format of the file. You can also edit the filename.

· Click OK, your download link will be generated automatically.

h) YMusic

Within YMusic users can play YouTube videos in the background.

The app displays trending YouTube videos as well as popular music hits. Users can change the video speed, keep a sleep timer while playing a video.

It does not allow users to watch the video but only listen to the audio, and users will have to download the video to overcome the hurdle.

i) TubeMate

TubeMate has an elegant interface for easy use, and you can download videos from multiple video sharing sites.

It comes with a built-in browser where you can access the sites you want. You can download the video from the preferred site.

TubeMate also offers you the option to choose the quality and file format of the video before downloading it. The downloaded videos are stored in your phone memory automatically.

You can opt to download Youtube videos in MP3 format, but it requires an additional video to MP3 converter app.

Overall, TubeMate is an excellent video downloader for Android, but you have to deal with a lot of intrusive advertisements

Download videos using TubeMate

· Download the official app from TubeMate

· Open the app and visit the video-sharing site.

· Search for your desired video using the search bar.

· TubeMate will prompt you for the quality of the video you want.

· After selecting the quality and resolution of the video, you can tap the download button.

· You can also share videos to Tubemate from the YouTube app to view a download link.

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j) InsTube

With InsTube you can download videos from different sources. InsTube has fast downloading speed for videos. You can also select the quality of video you want to download.

You can choose the quality of YouTube videos before downloading it. You can even share the YouTube videos from within the YouTube app to InsTube.

InsTube in addition supports adding of bookmarks and has ability for creating private space for hiding video.

How to download videos from YouTube on Android phones using InsTube

· Download InsTube from their official website

· Launch the app and enter the address you want to download the video from.

· Search for the video you wish to download and click the desired video.

· Click the red download button and select the quality of the video.

· Click on “fast download”, your video will start downloading.

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Downloading videos from YouTube is completely illegal and not supported by YouTube. Though circumstances might warranty us downloading videos from YouTube. This article is to help educate on available mobile third-party apps for downloading videos from YouTube.

The author of this article is completely void of any circumstances that will arouse in the course of using this article.

You can use these apps to download the YouTube videos that you own or the ones with Creative Commons reusable license.

Did you find this list of best Android video downloaders to be helpful?

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