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Essay: The negative impact of the internet on children

As we all know, the internet can be accessed almost everywhere by numerous means such as mobile phones, data cards and cellular routers.

It's advantages among which are information websites, social networking (new form of human interaction), online shopping, blogging and many others are indisputable. However, the internet despite all it's many advantages has it's negative side.

Firstly, many children stay up throughout the night chatting with friends on social media( Facebook, WhatsApp) instead of doing their homework which in turn prevents them from taking their studies seriously.

Secondly, some children, when not properly guided by parents, watch pornographic films which is immoral. These children end up practising what they watch and may grow up to become sex addicts which in turn ruins their life.

Furthermore, many children and even adults have lost their lives as a result of making new friends on Facebook who may turn out to be fraudsters or assasins. Take Cynthia's case as a very good example, a young lady who was murdered in cold blood in Nigeria in 2012 by Facebook acquaintances.

In conclusion, Children should note that the internet asides it's usefulness has it's demerits as can be seen from this essay. Parents should also guide their children to making good use of the internet.

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