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Use this system to monitor your patners cell phone if you are suspecting them of infidelity.

The trouble most relationship go through is that of infidelity. It can bring lack of trust, loss of interest and so on. Whether you believe it or not the average number of couples having extra marital affairs has been on the increased for some years now.

The cell phone has made these easier, whatsapp especially is the corner stone of this issue. It might not be advisable to access your patners device, but still the strongest relationships are built around VISUAL TRUST. Use this app to keep and eye on them.

Introducing WhatsApp sniffer application. An app capable of creating a back door to a cell phone device, making all messages known to you.

How to get this application

WhatsApp sniffer can not be downloaded on the play store. It's an app for invading the privacy of another app user, so it's against their policy. It can only be downloaded on the web.

Steps to download:

1. Open opera mini and enter Google on its search.

2. Once on the site, type in WhatsApp sniffer 2016 apk

3. You will be shown different links as to which you can download from. Choose the best for you and download through opera mini.

4. Now go on play store and download the busy box application. This application is compatible with the WhatsApp sniffer and it cant work without it.

5. Run the app once completed

6. Open your file explorer on your device and operate to the folder holding the WhatsApp sniffer application.knce you see it open it with an ES Explorer file application.

7. Now allow all required approvals of the app and search for all WhatsApp enabled devices around. Make your choice from the list obtained.

This is by no means a hacking tool so dont misuse, for in some cases it's illegal to access someone else's information without their knowledge.

Content created and supplied by: Chenko001 (via Opera News )

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