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4 reasons you should not buy a used phone.

1) The phone IMEI might have been readjusted: The IMEI might have been changed from the stored on the phone when the phone was bought from the company, you will notice the IMEI number found in the phone's memory is the same written on the carton to confirm if it is original or not, but when you buy a used phone they might not give you the carton or receipt to confirm if its the same, complications might have occurred due to fraudulent activities.

2) The phone might be a stolen one: Avoid buying a used phone to prevent having stolen property in your possession, for you not to experience any form of embarrassment when caught as this can destroy your reputation and you may never be cleared the shame it brings no matter how correct your explanation may sound.

3) The phone might be weak or damaged: if you ignore it and you go on to buy a used phone, it may have developed some symptoms in the hands of its previous owner which makes him or her sell it off, so try as much as possible to be patient and save a good amount of money to get a new smartphone, you might not know the extent of the damage left in the phone, a word is enough for the wise.

4) You will miss the advancement of the latest technology: when you buy a used phone you are buying an outdated phone, you are missing a lot, for example, smart applications, HD cameras, and the likes.

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