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How much should Nigerians spend on a smartphone in 2020?

Smartphones have become so important in our everyday lives that living without one puts you at a massive disadvantage. Owning a phone is no longer about just making phone calls and sending texts. There's so many uses for a phone now, it's like carrying a mini computer in your pocket or bag. Now you can watch movies, read news, listen to music, type and a whole list of other things to do with a smartphone. Right now there are several companies shipping out phones with different specs and for different people. In Nigeria we also have available to us a series of options, but how much are you supposed to spend?

The answer to this question is usually based on the capacity of the individual. Different people can afford different things, but what is the average or at least the standard?

If you ask me, I'd say when deciding on getting a phone in Nigeria, the battery, network, and design are the most important the the majority. A good design which allows easy use of the phone, a big battery is also advisable (no need to explain why) and the network/connectivity, because I think in 2020 you shouldn't settle for anything less than 4G. Storage is also a major thing as people tend to stop alot on their smartphones these days.

Getting a phone with all these features can cost as low as 30,000 naira and can cost as much as 1million. Now not everyone will be able to afford flagships which cost in excess of 100k, but you don't need a crazy money to get a good phone.

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