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Lessons To Be Learnt From The Recent Twitter Hacking Incident.

There is a saying that goes like this, "A wise man learns from his mistakes, but a wiser man learns from others mistakes". The recent twitter hack by scammers has brought so many questions to the minds of twitter users around the world about the safety of the social media platform. It is true that twitter administration should make done more to protect the users.

Although the twitter messages appeared on high profile twitter accounts like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Apple, Uber, Elon Musk, Kim Kardashian and so many others. We the users also have some percentage of the blame for scams like this to be successful.

A brief explanation of what happened

On the 15th of July 2020, popular twitter accounts of politicians, musicians, entrepreneurs and big companies started tweeting messages to their millions of followers, the general idea of these messages was that if a person sends a specific amount of bitcoin to a certain bitcoin wallet address (the address was displayed on the tweet) the senders would get double of whatever amount of bitcoin they sent to the address, and the " giveaway" would last for a short period of time. Since these messages appeared on popular and trusted twitter accounts, some people fell for it. Fortunately twitter support team quickly put those messages down, thereby reducing the damage to a minimum.

I am sure the twitter administration are conducting investigations to get to the root of what really happened. In this article I would be highlighting some lessons to be learnt from this very situation.

Be suspicious of deals that promises you would get double or more of whatever you gave.

This has been one of the most popular techniques used by scammers over the years to get away with people hard earned money. At this point let me buttress my point with a personal story.

Some months ago my sister came to me and told me that a certain man she has been texting on Facebook wanted to send her a phone, laptop and other electronic gadget, but he was asking for money to transport those items to her. I immediately knew something was fishy about this deal, so I told my sister to text him back to ask for his number so I can call him to confirm. She did what I told her to do, some minutes later my sister came back to me laughing and informed me that "the man" had blocked her on Facebook, after she texted him the message.

The point I am trying to make from this little story I shared is that, always question deals that promises you would get more of whatever you gave. If someone wanted to help you in the first place, he or she wouldn't need anything from you to do that. I know this doesn't apply in all cases, but it does in most.

celebrities rarely beg for money online.

Most celebrities are rich and financially comfortable, so they rarely do not need money from their fans or followers to do a charity work or in this case a "giveaway".

Many unsuspecting people has been scammed from their hard earned money by these criminals who uses famous people's social media page to beg for money online. Recently Destiny Etiko a popular Nigerian actress, put out a message on her Instagram, warning people not to fall victim to scammers that uses her pictures to beg for money online, she said she is well off and doesn't need to beg for money.

Using of celebrities popularity to beg and scam people online has been going on for a long time, people need to be aware of this particular trick used by scammers, so that they can protect themselves from being victims.

Bitcoin scam is now on the rise because it is hard to track.

For those of you that may not know what bitcoin is. Bitcoin It is a cryptocurrency (digital currency) that can be used to pay for goods and services online. Social media has created a fertile ground for numerous fraud and bitcoin scam is no exception.

Many bitcoin scams like, bitcoin- flipping, bitcoin phishing and bitcoin pyramid schemes has become very popular over the years and people should learn to protect themselves from this scams. One of the reasons bitcoin scams are now favoured by Cybercriminals is because bitcoin crime are hard to track, that was why the scammer(s) of this recent twitter hack had the boldness to leave the bitcoin wallet address on display for the world to see.

If it were a bank number or a PayPal ID, it would been easier to track down.

Don't trust all messages coming from a high profile social media account.

Like I earlier stated, one of the reasons this recent scam was successful, was because the fake tweets came from famous high profile accounts that people known and trust.

We should always take messages coming from popular social media account with a pinch of salt. We should know that sometimes most celebrities are not the ones posting on their social media pages, they sometimes give it to a different person to mange the account for them.

something relating to this point happened to me when I ordered a phone from a slightly popular Instagram store (apologies for not writing the name), one of "their staff" texted me on their account to pay some money to a certain bank account before what I ordered can be delivered to me, this was surprising to me because on their bio it says "pay on delivery". So I refuse to pay, it was days later that the company reached out to me and told me that their account was hacked.

In Summary always learn to investigate and study messages sent form popular social media accounts and be suspicious of anything that has to do with sending an x number of bitcoin to a bitcoin wallet in order to receive more than what you gave.

what do you think of the points that were put forward? Make sure you Follow, Like and comment for more.

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