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Twitter On 'Fire' As Bitcoin Scammers Hack Barrack Obama, Bill Gates & World Richest Man's Accounts

Scam Alert! Bill Gates, Barrack Obama & Kanye Wests' Twitter Accounts Hacked

Apprently Twitter is on fire as accounts belonging to Bill Gates , Elon Musk , Apple , Uber , Jeff Bezos , Kanye West , among prominent handles, that were hacked by Bitcoin scammers.

Reports suggest over 5,300 people have fallen for the scam already, and sent the hackers $7.8M USD thus far.

What appears to be Twitter’s biggest hack just happened in 20 minutes and  millions of dollars have been swindled in the crypto scam.

Twitter has already confirmed the hack and investigation and steps have been taken to fix it.

The micro blogging app also lost 4% in stock value after the cyber attack.

Below are list of accounts hacked by bitcoin scammers.

 • Bill Gates

• Elon Musk

• Kayne West


• Apple

• Coinbase


• CZ_Binance 

• Gemini

• Kucoin

• Coindesk

• Uber

• Tron

• Justin Sun

• Charlee Lee

• President Obama

• XXXTentacion

& random accounts are all included in a massive bitcoin scam.

Normally account take over are due to insecure passwords or recovery options, this is definitely something different.

I sorry to say this, but if not that some people are greedy and foolish. How can someone like Bill Gates and Barrack Obama tweet that you should send bitcoin to an account for them to double it, and you it carry out without thinking twice?


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