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Flashback: Pictures Of Phones That Ruled Nigeria in the Early 2000s

Some of you may not be familiar with some of these phones. That's probably because you were still very young or probably still unborn when these phones ruled the country. So many years have passed since then, and new inventions definitely have come into existence.

Evolution applies to almost everything you can think of. The same cars you drive twenty years ago are not the same cars you drive now. The black and white television you used back then is not the same you use now. And in the same way, the phones you used then are not the phones you use now.

Ins these days of Android, you can do virtually everything with your phone. Read news, video chat with friends, bank transfers, anything. Then, phones usually served the purpose of making calls, and sending text messages too. And I think we could play games with them too. 'Cause I remember sneaking in to play games with my dad's Nokia 3310 when he was asleep or something.

So which of these phones do you remember?

1. Motorola RAZR V3

2. Nokia Phones

3. Sony Ericsson

4. Samsung T100

5. Sagem

6. T-Mobile Sidekick

7. EnVVX9900

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