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Men Do You Prefer This? See Picture Of Artificial Wombs Used For Babies That Got People Talking

Science has influenced our modern age. Scientists are always planning of building different mechanisms that would make life easier for them. Every day new science products are being produced by scientists. Scientists are trying to use science to solve all the problems in the world.

A man uploaded a picture of an Artificial Womb on Facebook with the caption "Men, Do You Prefer This?".

I was very surprised by when I saw this picture on my Facebook news feed and asked my self these questions.

Do scientists want to become like God?

How can someone dear to build an artificial womb for the reproduction of children?

What would the baby eat during the normal 9-month incubation period?

Many Facebook users had reacted to the picture of the artificial womb. Most people we're not in support of the artificial womb with some saying that they do prefer the natural mob compare to the art Artificial womb.

See some reactions from people who saw the picture on Facebook.

What are your thoughts concerning this artificial womb?

Should it be used to reproduce children?

Leave a comment below about your opinions concerning this artificial womb, don't forget to like and share.

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Artificial Womb


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