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9 Things You Probably Don't Know That Kills Your Phone Battery

The days when phone are used mainly for calling and texting messages are gone for good. One thing we notice in those phones is there long lasting batteries compared to our Android and iOS powered phones. In this article we will go through top 9 thing that drains your ba3 and the knowledge of this will help you to optimize your phone battery.

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If you have basically an Android Phone or iOS, there is high probability that you might have an OLED screen, which is the short way of saying your phone uses Organic Light Emitting Diode technology. Where older phones were backlit with a light that was the same no matter what color it was, OLED phones rely on individual diodes to light up the screen. The brighter the color, the more power they're using and the bigger drain on your battery it is. So it is advisable you used dark background wallpaper that reduces the light from each diode thereby saving your battery.


Spend too much time doing pretty much anything on your phone, and you'll find that it's starting to get uncomfortably warm.

Aside from potentially doing damage to your phone itself, that heat can also do unspeakable things to your battery life, too.

Each time you charge your phone, it generates heat thereby doubling the rate of reaction in the battery cells and ultimately damaging the battery life span.

So it is advisable you keep your phone away from heat or even warm place. Apart from this, avoid as much as possible using your phone while charging it.


A study conducted on iPhone 4 by Wired found the difference in battery life at full screen brightness was massive, with their iPhone 4 lasting 6.5 hours at the brightest screen, and only 3.5 hours at scald-your-eyeballs brightness.

That is a vast difference right? Now we have phones that uses automatic brightness, so it is advisable to keep your phone brightness low and as for people with automatic brightness don't use your phone outdoor.


Yeah you heard me right. Are you surprised because it is hard to find people with smartphones who don’t check their Facebook feeds at least once a day. Social media lets you keep up to date with what’s going on, or just chat to friends or post on their wall.

The Guardian found that uninstalling the Facebook app from an Android Phones increased battery life by about 20 percent - that's huge, and getting rid of both Facebook and Messenger increased the load times of other apps on your phone by about 15 percent. Wow!

Facebook does a whole lot of things in the background that sucks your battery dry, like constantly updating your location, refreshing, and pushing through what could become an unmanageable number of notifications.


One of the things our phone kept from our old phone is the ability to vibrate. Keeping your phone on vibration is pretty cool but might be damaging your battery. Let me explain.

For your phone to vibrate, there is a motor inside your phone that kick start the process and for it to start, it take power surge to kick start the process there by drain your battery in the process. Keep your phone on vibration only when neccesary.


Bluetooth is quite important and it is a breakthrough in technology. Basically everyone needs it but not everyone use it often. For people like me that Bluetooth powered headset, I rarely off my Bluetooth but this actually drains alot of energy. Although Bluetooth is a low powered wireless technology but forgetting to turn if off, like many people do, will drain your battery fast.


Games are close to essential on our phone but it also drains your battery quickly, mainly due to their high graphic quality (and sound if you have it turned on). Apart from this you notice that when playing some heavy games on you phone they begin to heat up due to the high usage of the processor; this also drains your battery

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