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See why iPhones take better pictures than any other phones

Have you ever wondered why pictures look better when taken on an iPhone,you might own an Android smartphone with about 108MP Camera resolution that takes great looking photos,but after comparing the photos you find the one on the iPhone more better.Here are some reasons why that happens.

Image: Appleinsider

In the first place,iPhones use 12MP camera sensors for their phones while on other phones you get bigger camera resolutions up 108MP but still the images don't look as good as an iPhone.The software used in the camera app is designed by Apple and they also create their camera sensors themselves,so the software is designed to take advantage of the 12MP sensor and bring out the best quality photos.

One thing people might not know is that when we upload pictures on social media,the pictures are reduced to a certain amount of resolution which is about 8MP. When a photo is uploaded online the quality is reduced to about 8MP irrespective of the camera sensor used to take the photo.

Photos taken on the iPhone which has a 12MP sensor does not lose too much detail when they get uploaded online,they only lose about 4MP of detail which makes the photo still look great but when a photo taken on another smartphone with a 64MP sensor is uploaded,we begin to see how much detail we lose in the photo,that is the reason why the photos might look sharp at first glance but after zooming in we see how much detail we might have lost.

Image: Appleinsider

In conclusion,most smartphone manufacturers do not design their own camera themselves,they either use a lens developed by Sony or Samsung.

Software developers find it easier to create apps on an iPhone because Apple releases about three phones a year,so they have more time to develop apps for the phones according to thier models.This is the reason why your Snapchat videos or your Instagram story might look better on an iPhone than any other phone.

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