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Steps to turn your cell phone into a spying device

Ever wanted to know what people really think about you? Or what these girls that you just invited to your table are talking about you?Well you can.And you don't need any hidden microphones or fancy spying equipment.Here are 7 simple steps to make your cell phone into the ultimate spying device.

All you need is some additional hands free equipment. Nothing fancy,simple wired or bluetooth headset will do.Now:

Connect your headset to your mobile phone.

Go to your phone settings and look for the " call answering options"call answering options"(the place for this feature depends on on the particular cell phone model).

You will that ''Auto answer'' option appears in the setting,whenever hands free equipment (headset)is connected to the phone. Select this option You are set.Now,when you want to secretly spy on some conversation,just leave the phone on the table or on your chair or where appropriate. Headset with microphone should be connected to it.

Make the excuse to leave the room.

Go out to find another phone to call the mobile that you left in the room. Make a call.

You are done. The headset on the table will answer the call automatically and you will be able to hear the conversations in the room.

A note of caution. When you call your headset,phone's screen will light up and show the conversation in progress. So it is better to leave the handset with the screen facing down.

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