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I seized my son's mobile phone and what I found in it was heartbreaking (Fiction)

This picture is just an illustration of a disappointed person.

As the world grows day by day so do our knowledge and the more we are open to new things.

Technology has done so many goods to the society but the saying goes like this "no matter how good something is it will surely have it's bad side"

I've been watching my son for some days now and I discovered that he's so much engrossed in his mobile phone than his studies. As a father I need to adjust that and how did I do that?

It was in the midnight when I woke up to ease myself in the toilet, then I saw a ray of light coming from my son's room then I decided to walk into his room to check what light was switched on, probably he didn't hear my footsteps while I was coming towards his room, unfortunately for him he didn't shut his door.

Immediately I entered my son's room I saw him pressing his phone, I was so annoyed that by this time when he's supposed to be sleeping he's pressing his phone then I collected his phone and left his room hoping to bring up the matter the next day.

I couldn't sleep because I was annoyed so I decided to go through his phone and what I found on his chat doesn't give me joy as a father.

I found out that my son is a Playboy I.e he's a guy with numerous girlfriend.

I was shocked seeing it.

Please how can I take up and settle this matter, kindly share your opinion.

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