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This is Why Your Battery Dies Fast

That cycle of having to charge your phone multiple times in a day to keep up with your engagements can be very frustrating. You may have changed your battery or charger multiple times without any significant improvement in the battery life of your phone.

However, the truth of the matter is that you may be doing something wrong. Here, you shall be seeing the possible causes why your battery dies faster than normal and measures you can put in place to ensure that your battery lasts for longer.

1. Use specified charger for your phone

If you use an infinix phone, ensure that you use only infinix chargers,if you use a Tecno phone, make sure to use only Tecno chargers. Phone are like robots, and so they have been programmed to work better with a specific charger. Doing otherwise can decrease the battery life of your phone.

2. Do not place your phone on the floor when charging

There is a reason that mobile phones come with plastic cover. This is because the plastic cover serves as an insulator to prevent you from having direct contact with your charged battery, and it also prevents faster loss of battery cell. Keep your phone on a wooden surface or on your bed while charging.

3. Avoid killing your battery constantly

Learn to discipline yourself to ensure that their is always little charge in your phone. Constantly killing your phone battery causes it to last less longer.

4. Avoid charging multiple phones at the same location

With the electricity situation in the country,it is normal to find yourself charging at any available location possible. However, you should reduce the rate at which you do this so that your battery can receive the optimum amount of energy needed.

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